Trying hard not to look like I’m trying that hard and failing miserably at everything including that
— Jake Ewald

Before they became Your Local Cemetery, Adrian DeLeon, Eric Rotteveel and Jacob Sutherland started out as a few friends in the smallest town in the world: Dixon, California. After graduating high-school they began playing messy covers of bands like Modern Baseball and The Front Bottoms in the bedrooms of their parents houses. They didn't originally set out to become a band, and only ever joked about it when they thought of a funny band name like: Pizza by the Slice & Three Dudes in a Bad Mood. Then one late night while driving around trying to think of a place to practice, a joke about playing a show in the local cemetery eventually became the name that stuck.


They performed their first set at their friends birthday party in December of 2016 then quietly began writing songs while attending Sacramento City College. The band got to a point where they wanted to start recording songs, so Jacob began studying audio production and quickly became the bands producer and engineer. After one semester of an intro to recording class, the band got together in June of 2017 and put out a homemade acoustic EP called ...And It's Been Down Hill Ever Since. One year and a handful of shows later the band finally started to find it's sound somewhere between east coast DIY and indie dream pop. They then released the EP Diners, Diners and Diners. The Denny’s inspired EP was lovingly welcomed in the local scene, getting airtime on local UC Davis Radio station KDVS. In 2019 Jacob formed his own record label (Tulip Records) to continue self publishing the bands work.